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MUDECAS Basketball Tournament 2018 [LIVE] [BRACKETS]


Striv Sports is pleased to bring you LIVE coverage from the MUDECAS basketball tournament in Beatrice. You can find game recaps, brackets and the LIVE player for Friday’s semifinals and Saturday’s A & B Division Championships below.

Scroll down for previous results and Jane White All-Tournament Teams

2018 MUDECAS Tournament Jane White All-Tournament Teams
Boys B Division
First Team:

Patrick Murphy, Exeter-Milligan
Drake Adams, Southern
Eric Olsen, Exeter-Milligan
Trevin Saathoff, Southern
Max Zeleny, Exeter-Milligan

Honorable Mention:
Taylor Smith, Meridian
Ben Hier, Sterling
Treyton Hippen, Lewiston
Hunter Sherman, HTRS
Andrew Davis, Pawnee City
Johan Arellano, JCC
Nick Lyons, Southern
TJ Mawhiney, Pawnee City

Girls B Division
First Team:
Colby Thies, Sterling
Jayme Ullman, Southern
Carly Wenzl, Sterling
Claire Hookstra, Southern
Sydney Huls, Sterling

Honorable Mention:
Nadia Klein, JCC
Asia Anderson, Parkview Christian
Megan Wehrbein, Lewiston
Clara Whyman, Palmyra
Carissa Allen, HTRS
Eve Beethe, Pawnee City
Mariah Murphy, Southern
Rebecca Martin, Pawnee City

Girls A Division
First Team:

Erin Johnson, Meridian
McKenzie Witt, Sacred Heart
Jaicee Sobotka, Meridian
Sara Wertenberger, Sacred Heart
Abby Fiegener, Sacred Heart

Honorable Mention:
Kailey Weichel, Tri County
Addi Dorn, Freeman
Addison Heidemann, Diller-Odell
Kaitlynn Simon, Johnson-Brock
Katherine White, Exeter-Milligan
Regan Alfs, BDS
Kate Jansky, Exeter-Milligan
Halle Pribyl, Meridian

Boys A Division
1st Team:

Tyler Witt, FCSH
Trey Yates, Freeman
Drew Bippes, FCSH
Tyler Adams, Freeman
Theo Rohrer, FCSH

Honorable Mention:
Peyton Mohr, Diller-Odell
Rashad Woods, Parkview Christian
Drew Bessey, Palmyra
Riley Knust, Tri County
Ty Hahn, Johnson-Brock
Caden Norder, BDS
Kaden Glynn, Johnson-Brock
Logan Anderson, Freeman

SATURDAY RESULTS (January 13, 2018):

Girls A: 
Sacred Heart (1) defeats Meridian (2), 48-30
Girls B: Sterling (1) defeats Southern (2), 47-41 OT
Boys A: Sacred Heart (1) defeats Freeman (3), 36-28
Boys B: Exeter-Milligan (1) defeats Southern (2), 35-34

Girls A: BDS (4) defeats Exeter-Milligan (3), 50-42
Girls B: HTRS (3) defeats Pawnee City (4), 55-44 OT
Boys A: Johnson-Brock (2) defeats BDS (4), 50-29
Boys B: Johnson County Central (5) defeats Pawnee City (3), 49-26

Girls B: 
JCC defeats Parkview Christian, 33-14
Girls B: Palmyra defeats Lewiston, 47-28

Girls A: Freeman defeats Johnson-Brock, 51-41
Girls A: Tri County defeats Diller-Odell, 36-35

Boys B: HTRS defeats Meridian, 52-21
Boys B: Sterling defeats Lewiston, 68-31

Boys A: Tri County defeats Palmyra, 68-53
Boys A: Parkview Christian defeats Diller-Odell, 57-44

Girls Results & Brackets
Monday’s Girls Results:
Girls A Division:
Falls City Sacred City (1) defeats Freeman (8), 49-30
Bruning-Davenport-Shickley (4) defeats Johnson-Brock (5), 48-31
Exeter-Milligan (3) defeats Diller-Odell (6), 54-37
Meridian (2) defeats Tri County (7), 51-40

Girls B Division:
Sterling (1) defeats Parkview Christian (8), 56-13
Pawnee City (4) defeats Johnson County Central (5), 34-24
Humboldt-Table Rock-Steinauer (3) defeats Lewiston (6), 52-11
Southern (2) defeats Palmyra (7), 60-35

Boys Results & Brackets
Tuesday’s Boys Results:
Boys A Division:
Falls City Sacred Heart (1) defeats Diller-Odell (8), 52-20
Bruning-Davenport-Shickley (4) defeats Parkview Christian (5), 64-61 OT
Freeman (3) defeats Palmyra (6), 48-37
Johnson-Brock (2) defeats Tri County (7), 62-31

Boys B Division:
Exeter-Milligan (1) defeats Meridian (8), 58-29
Johnson County Central (5) defeats Humboldt-Table Rock-Steinauer (4), 46-35
Pawnee City (3) defeats Sterling (6), 42-35
Southern (2) defeats Lewiston (7), 54-35

Friday Results
Girls A Division Semifinals (Auditorium)
Meridian (2) defeats Exeter-Milligan (3), 46-37
Sacred Heart (1) defeats BDS (4), 49-43 OT

Boys A Division Semifinals (Auditorium)
Sacred Heart (1) defeats BDS (4), 60-52 2OT
Freeman (3) defeats Johnson-Brock (2), 59-28

Girls B Division Semifinals (SCC)
Southern (2) defeats HTRS (3), 46-45 OT
Sterling (1) defeats Pawnee City (4), 40-35

Boys B Division Semifinals (SCC)
Exeter-Milligan (1) defeats JCC (5), 57-49
Southern (2) defeats Pawnee City (3), 39-29

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