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2014 Boys State Basketball Preview


2014 NSAA Boys State Basketball Tournament March 13, 2014

Striv Schools Preview

Class A
8:45PM #3 Omaha Central (22-4) vs #6 Bellevue West (18-6) at Pinnacle Bank Arena [Watch On-Demand]
Central’s leading scorer is Tre’Shawn Thurman with 16.7 ppg; Bellevue West’s leading scorer is Malik Hluchoweckyj with 13.3 ppg.

Class B
9:00AM #3 York (22-2) vs #6 Pius X (15-7) at Pinnacle Bank Arena [Listen LIVE]
York’s leading scorer is Ty Danielson 20.9 with ppg; Pius X’s leading scorer is Brandon Utrup with 13.5 ppg.

7:00PM #8 GINW (11-16) vs #1 Elkhorn South (24-0) at Sports Center [Listen LIVE]
GINW’s leading scorer is Darrek McNelis with 12.0 ppg; Elkhorn South’s leading scorer is Matt Thomas with 18.3 ppg.

Class C-1
9:00AM #7 Cozad (17-8) vs #2 Wayne (23-4) at Sports Center [Listen LIVE]
Cozad’s leading scorer is Conor Young with 14.6 with ppg; Wayne’s leading scorer is Ben Hoskins with 17.3 ppg.

Class C-2
7:00PM #2 Doniphan-Trumbull (22-4) vs #7 Sutton (17-9) at Lincoln Southeast [Listen LIVE]
Doniphan-Trumbull’s leading scorer is Creighton Buhr with 16.5 ppg; Sutton’s leading scorer is Cole Wiseman with 11.7 ppg.

8:45PM #6 Southern Valley (21-3) vs #3 Bergan (21-3) at Lincoln Southeast [Listen LIVE]
Southern Valley’s leading scorer is Hunter Quinn with 16.6 ppg; Bergan’s leading scorer is Adam Dykman with 16.6 ppg.

Class D-1
2:00PM #8 Fullerton (11-7) vs #1 Howells-Dodge (25-2) at Lincoln East [Listen LIVE]
Fullerton’s leading scorer is Ethan Shotkoski with 10.6 ppg; Howells-Dodge’s leading scorer is Luke Hegemann with 19.1 ppg.

Class D-2
7:00PM #4 High Plains (25-1) vs #5 Exeter-Milligan (22-3) at Lincoln East [Listen LIVE]
High Plain’s leading scorer is Logan Fleming with 20.1 ppg; Exeter-Milligan’s leading scorer is Nolan White with 13.7 ppg.

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