Striv Sports is excited to bring you LIVE coverage of the 2017 MUDECAS basketball tournament finals at the Beatrice City Auditorium. You can watch the 3rd Place and Championship games in each division for the girls on Friday and boys on Saturday. Below you’ll find results, brackets and the recordings for the games on Friday and Saturday.

All scores can be found at the bottom of this page.

Jane White Memorial All-Tournament Teams

Boys A Division
First Team
Bryant Jorn, Sacred Heart
Nosawema Iyagbaye, Parkview
Henry Tanksley, Parkview
Theo Rohrer, Sacred Heart
Jaxson Balm, Johnson-Brock

Honorable mention
Drake Adams, Southern; Drew Bessey, Palmyra; Ty Hahn, Johnson-Brock; Caden Norder, BDS; Tyler Bradford, Parkview; Gabe Eisenbarth, Freeman; Grant Nanninga, HTRS; Trey Stutheit, Johnson-Brock; Kale Kleinschmidt, BDS; Drew Bippes, Sacred Heart

Boys B Division
First Team

Riley Knust, Tri County
Dylan Benson, Sterling
Creighton Niemeyer, Tri County
Micah Erickson, Sterling
Andrew Davis, Pawnee City

Honorable Mention
Reese Hennerberg, Diller-Odell; Evan Larson, Tri County; Ben Hier, Sterling; Kellen Habegger, Pawnee City; Dylan Wolbert, Diller-Odell; Peyton Mohr, Diller-Odell; Seth Noel, Meridian; Logan Anderson, Lewiston; Johan Arellano, JCC; Trevor Luzum, Exeter-Milligan

Girls A Division
First Team

Haylee Heits, Sacred Heart
Allison Klipp, Meridian
Sydney Hall, Exeter-Milligan
Jade Hill, Sacred Heart
Erin Johnson, Meridian

Honorable Mention
Madison Hajek, Diller-Odell; Katherine White, Exeter-Milligan; Halle Weise, Tri County; Fallon Stutheit, Johnson-Brock; Olivia Farwell, Pawnee City; Carley Elznic, BDS; Sara Wertenberger, Sacred Heart; Madison Jurgens, Diller-Odell; TaraLee Hudson, BDS; Jaicee Sobotka, Meridian

Girls B Division
First Team
Emily Zvolanek, Southern
Lauren Parde, Freeman
Mariah Murphy, Southern
Addison Dorn, Freeman
Carly Wenzl, Sterling

Honorable Mention
Megan Wehrbein, Lewiston; Sydney Goracke, Sterling; Kaitlyn Meints, Freeman; Cari Howell, Lewiston; Kristin Meybrunn, Lewiston; Colby Theis, Sterling; Logan Standerford, HTRS; Marissa Borrenpohl, JCC; Callie Stall, Palmyra; Calley Fulks, Parkview

First Round Results:
Girls A Division:
Falls City Sacred Heart (1) defeats Tri County (8), 50-28
Bruning-Davenport-Shickley (5) defeats Diller-Odell (4), 62-53
Meridian (3) defeats Johnson-Brock (6), 38-28)
Exeter-Milligan (2) defeats Pawnee City (7), 51-43

Girls B Division:
Southern (1) defeats Parkview Christian (8), 55-11
Sterling (5) defeats JCC (4), 55-35
Lewiston (3) defeats HTRS (6), 45-43
Freeman (2) defeats Palmyra (7), 40-30

Boys A Division:
Parkview Christian (1) defeats Palmyra (8), 64-42
Johnson-Brock (4) defeats Freeman (5), 63-40
Sacred Heart (3) defeats Humboldt-Table Rock-Steinauer (6), 63-35
Bruning-Davenport/Shickely (2) defeats Southern (7), 47-43

Boys B Division:
Tri County (1) defeats Meridian (8), 57-32
Pawnee City (5) defeats Lewiston (4), 57-52 (OT)
Diller-Odell (3) defeats JCC (6), 53-48
Sterling (2) defeats Exeter-Milligan (7), 45-27

Girls B Division:
Southern (1) defeats Sterling (5), 52-43
Freeman (2) defeats Lewiston (3), 44-36

Girls A Division:
Sacred Heart (1) defeats Bruning-Davenport/Shickley (5), 54-32
Meridian (3) defeats Exeter-Milligan (2), 53-51

Boys B Division:
Tri County (1) defeats Pawnee City (5), 31-22
Sterling (2) defeats Diller-Odell (3), 43-38

Boys A Division:
Parkview Christian (1) defeats Johnson-Brock (4), 50-40
Sacred Heart (3) defeats Bruning-Davenport/Shickley (2), 60-52

Girls A Division:
Championship: Sacred Heart (1) defeats Meridian (3), 47-45 OT
Consolation: Exeter-Milligan (2) defeats Bruning-Davenport/Shickley (5), 33-31
Losers Bracket: Diller-Odell (4) defeats Tri County (8), 46-39
Losers Bracket: Pawnee City (7) defeats Johnson-Brock (6), 51-40

Girls B Division:
Championship: Freeman (2) defeats Southern (1), 30-29
Consolation: Sterling (5) defeats Lewiston (3), 49-36
Losers Bracket: Johnson County Central (4) defeats Parkview Christian (8), 54-9

Losers Bracket: Humboldt-Table Rock-Steinauer (6) defeats Palmyra (7), 37-34

BOYS FINALS (Saturday)
Boys A Division:
Championship: Parkview Christian (1) defeats Falls City Sacred Heart (3), 58-45
Consolation: Johnson-Brock (4) defeats Bruning-Davenport-Shickley (2), 63-48
Losers Bracket: Freeman (5) defeats Palmyra (6), 42-33
Losers Bracket: Southern (7) defeats Humboldt-Table Rock-Steinauer (6), 49-40

Boys B Division:
Championship: Sterling (2) defeats Tri County (1), 48-46
Consolation: Diller-Odell (3) defeats Pawnee City (5), 40-30
Losers Bracket: Lewiston (4) defeats Meridian (8), 69-39
Losers Bracket: Exeter-Milligan (7) defeats Johnson County Central (6), 61-49


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